How to get into the habit of exercising

This quote couldn’t be any more true when you’re trying to improve your body with diet and/or exercise. If sticking with exercising was as easy as getting the motivation to get started, I can

Your scales are lying! Muscle weighs more than fat…

One of the most common confusions I’ve heard (and experienced myself early on in my weight loss journey) is that you’re working out and eating right but the number on the scales just isn’t

4 lower calorie food substitutions that don’t suck

If you’ve done any research into reducing your calorie intake, you’ll no doubt have come across some of the giant lists on the net of foods you can substitute for others that are healthier

There’s how many calories in that drink?!

Before I started a proper diet and fitness program and took notice of the amount of calories in the food and drinks I was putting into my body, I had no idea how many

Motivation to help stick to your diet and exercise plans

I think we’ve all been there – you’re starting a new diet and exercise program, determined to lose the weight or reach your fitness goals THIS TIME. You’re feeling really motivated and ready to

Why didn’t I try these neoprene anti cellulite workout tights sooner?

Every few months I get the itch to buy some new workout clothes – yes, I’m one of those women who gets a bit of motivation to get moving out of having some nice

How to get started eating paleo (without the confusion)

Before I started the paleo diet, I thought about it for a few weeks because it seemed like a pretty big task to research what I can and can’t eat, how to make the

The Paleo Recipe Book – the only paleo cookbook you’ll ever need?

If you’re reading this, you more than likely already know of the awesome benefits that the paleo diet offers and have or are about to join the many people improving their health and losing