How to get into the habit of exercising

motivation is what gets you started

This quote couldn’t be any more true when you’re trying to improve your body with diet and/or exercise. If sticking with exercising was as easy as getting the motivation to get started, I can definitely say that I would have reached my goals alot sooner.

Have a plan

The biggest thing I’ve learnt that helped me to create a habit of exercising regularly was that you have to have a plan! I can’t even remember how many times in the past that I’d start working out by going on the treadmill at home and doing some body weight exercises that I’d found online. I’d usually stick with it for a week or two, then for whatever reason I’d stop.

I did not have a plan and I kept failing

Now a plan doesn’t have to be anything fancy. I mean just having in writing what exercise you are going to do each day and which days of the week you are going to exercise. Write it on a calendar, diary, or just a plain old piece of paper before the start of each week, then as you do the exercise for the day, tick it off in the calendar/diary – the thought of having un-ticked days at the end of the week was usually enough to make me just do the exercise and forget about my excuses.

Now how you decide what to do and come up with that plan is a whole other post (or five!) in itself.

I did The Venus Factor which had all the exercises planned out and written down for me. Once I started with the program, sticking to exercising became a lot easier. I didn’t have to think about what I was going to do, and if the thought of not exercising for a day ‘because I’ll do it tomorrow’ entered my mind, having that plan on paper made it easy to talk myself into just getting the exercise done for the day. The fact that I’d paid for the program also weirdly helped me stick to it and turn it into a habit – there is plenty of free workout info online (my personal Pinterest fitness board is testament to this!), but when something is free, I tend to take it for granted and don’t use it to it’s full potential.

It doesn’t matter what sort of exercise you want to do, just start with a plan and you’re much more likely to create a habit out of it and succeed. 

There’s plenty more tips that can help you to form an exercise habit, but having a plan is the one that helped me most. I’ll post on the others shortly 🙂


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