How to get started eating paleo (without the confusion)

Your guide to paleo review This is a guest post written by my paleo loving friend Katherine…take it away Katherine (I’ve never tried paleo myself, but she tells me it’s awesome!)

Before I started the paleo diet, I thought about it for a few weeks because it seemed like a pretty big task to research what I can and can’t eat, how to make the transition and find the answers to the many other things I was wondering. It’s really not that difficult though, there’s heaps of information out there – the hardest part is not going down the rabbit hole and getting too tied up in some of the extreme views out there about this diet like I did. (Yep the simple purchase of one book would have solved this, but I stupidly wanted to read everything I could. More on the one I’d recommend later)

The best advice I can offer is to start as simply as possible, and as you get used to the changes and become more familiar with paleo, then learn more and modify as you go. Don’t make the same mistake I did by trying to find out everything there is to know and trying to get it perfect from the get go.

So what do you need to get started quickly and simply?

I was going to write my own small ‘guide’ here, but there is so much information out there already that I don’t think we need even more thrown into the mix. I also think that each source needs to cover enough information that you can use the one source to get started without having to pick bits of information from here and there which gets confusing with all differing opinions on paleo.

So my one piece of advice to get started quickly and simply on the paleo diet is this:

Just pick one source of information to start with. Whether that be one of the many paleo blogs/websites out there, or a book on paleo, I’d highly recommend just picking one to start with. There are a number of variations on what people consider ‘paleo’, what you should eat and (more hotly debated) what you shouldn’t eat.  If you stick with one source, everything you read should be consistent, and you won’t be stuck from getting started by thinking ‘but this blog says you should eat this, this one says you can’t’, seriously it’s enough to get your head spinning!

If you’re time poor, and want to start with a balanced paleo view …

Your guide to paleo review As I said, there’s lots of dedicated paleo blogs and websites out there that can basically give you the information you need to get started even if you do need to hunt around to get it all together. But, if you don’t have the time (or inclination) to search for what you need, I highly recommend the Your Guide to Paleo ebook.

It’s only $23 and comes from Sebastian Noel at Paleo Leap whose knowledge and advice on all things paleo I think is top notch. I came across this after using their awesome cookbook The Paleo Recipe Book. As someone who has been into paleo for just over a year now, I wish I had started with this book. They offer a very balanced view on the paleo diet.

It covers everything you need to know or may be wondering about to help you get started and to also refer back to as you get further into your paleo journey.

Now….just do it!

Going paleo has been one of the best things I’ve done both for my health and the way my body looks. I did fail the first time I tried it because I was trying to go too extreme, and I also didn’t invest in a couple of in-expensive resources to help me succeed. I can happily say though that I did succeed the second time around and have been paleo for 6 months now and it feels great.

If you’re thinking about, close to starting or not sure, just get started, give it a go and learn and modify as you go. You don’t have to be perfect at it to see the results, and it gets easier as time goes on and your body and habits adjust. {motivational speech over :-P)



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