4 lower calorie food substitutions that don’t suck

lower calorie healthy food substitutions If you’ve done any research into reducing your calorie intake, you’ll no doubt have come across some of the giant lists on the net of foods you can substitute for others that are healthier and or lower in calories. These can be helpful, but to put it bluntly, I think some of the substitutions really do just suck!

That said, some are really good, and I have found four substitutions that I use regularly, and actually much prefer the healthier/lower calorie option.
1. Cauliflower puree, 71 calories in 1 cup instead of White rice, 214 calories in 1 cup

I first tried this with a chicken curry, and I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed the cauliflower puree with the curry. There’s now alot of dishes that I actually prefer the taste of the cauliflower over rice, and there’s a HUGE difference in the amount of calories.

2. Natural plain yogurt, 9 calories in 1 tablespoon instead of Sour cream, 28 calories in 1 tablespoon

I can’t even tell the difference in taste – yogurt is my go to topping on nachos now along with some diced avocado.

3. Popcorn, air popped, buttered, 63 calories in 1 cup instead of Potato chips, 130 calories in 1 cup

When you feel like a savory snack, popcorn is a great alternative to potato chips with half the calories.

4. Flavored iced tea 90 calories in 8 fl oz/230ml  instead of Apple juice 120 calories in 8 fl oz/230ml 

There’s not a massive calorie difference in these two, but it is one substitution that I really enjoy and every bit counts.

To lose weight, you definitely don’t need to go all out and substitute everything you eat (I sill eat chocolate, can’t give that one up :-)) but having some substitutions is really helpful.

Do you have any that you love?

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