The Paleo Recipe Book – the only paleo cookbook you’ll ever need?

The Paleo Recipe Book review by Miranda This is a guest post written by my paleo loving friend Katherine…take it away Katherine (I’ve never tried paleo myself, but she tells me it’s awesome!)
If you’re reading this, you more than likely already know of the awesome benefits that the paleo diet offers and have or are about to join the many people improving their health and losing weight with it. But you’ll also know that sticking to the diet (like any) can be difficult if you get bored with what you’re eating, or just find yourself at dinner time blankly staring at the fridge wondering what to make.

The solution to easily sticking to the paleo diet? Get a great paleo cookbook (duh :-P)

Doing this helped me finally succeed

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I first started paleo, I was being a bit cheap and didn’t get any cookbooks. With the relative simplicity of what you can and can’t eat, I thought I didn’t need to. But I ended up just rotating the same meals (just meat and veg, nothing fancy at all) while occasionally making the effort to check out one of the few blogs I followed for a good recipe – I kind of fell off the bandwagon for a little bit because it just felt like too much effort to plan what to cook all the time. When I tried the diet for the second time, I got a few cook books so that I could have a heap of recipes on hand and hopefully avoid getting bored again. What a difference it made!

Onto the cook book – that’s what you came here for right?

My review of The Paleo Recipe Book

Ok so I mentioned that I got a few cook books when I tried the paleo diet my second time around, the first one was pretty crappy – the recipes were ok, but it wasn’t well written and just didn’t get me excited about the food. After doing a bit more research, I found The Paleo Recipe Book by Paleo Leap. Seriously, I hate to ever sound too enthusiastic when I review something, but I just love The Paleo Recipe Book and the other bonuses you get with it!

So what is The Paleo Recipe Book?

The Paleo Recipe Book It’s over 370 paleo recipes in an ebook you can download instantly covering every category you need from red meat, to vegetables, to desserts, soups, stir fries and everything in between for a healthy paleo diet without the grains, vegetable oils, added sugar and dairy.

It also comes with some extra bonuses including an 8 week meal plan, separate paleo dessert and quick and simple paleo meals cook books, 3 cheat sheets and 2 guides.

With the bonuses and the advice/comments throughout the main cookbook, it also serves a good overall guide to the paleo diet.

A quick run down of the pros and cons


  • Over 370 really good, tasty recipes with lots of variety that actually gets you excited about cooking and eating paleo food.
  • Recipes for everything you could need. Sections include Red meat, Pork, Poultry, Stews and curries, Fish, Shellfish and seafood, Salads, Stir fries, Eggs and omelets, Soups and stocks, Snacks, Offal/Organs, Vinaigrettes marinades and sauces, Dips and condiments, Breakfast and desserts, Smoothies and Lacto-fermented vegetables
  • The bonuses are actually really useful See more about the bonuses here
  • Recipes well written and easy to follow with ingredients list and preparation instructions on the same page (no flipping back and forth like some books!)
  • Heaps of helpful advice and comments on the recipes throughout the book. (I loved the four pages on cooking the perfect steak as well as the instructions on making your own clarified butter/ghee)
  • Ingredients are readily available and affordable.


  •  I couldn’t find much to fault with this book – the only thing I’d like to see added which I’ve found helpful in other cookbooks is a summary of the time it takes for preparation and cooking right at the top of the recipe.

Overall thoughts

Out of all the paleo cook books I’ve tried, I can honestly say this is my absolute favorite and the only one that I use on a daily basis – if I’d bought this one first, I wouldn’t have bothered with the others. You get alot for the small $27 pricetag – heck even if it was JUST the main cook book without the bonuses I’d be happy to pay more than that!

I wish I’d come across this book much earlier in my paleo journey – I failed and stumbled a little in the beginning but can happily say I’ve stuck to the paleo diet for just over 6 months now and this book has been a huge help. If you could use some help with your paleo diet, you can get your copy here.

The Paleo Recipe Book review by Miranda

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