There are how many calories in that drink?!

Calories in alcolohic and non alcoholic drinks Before I started a proper diet and fitness program and took notice of the amount of calories in the food and drinks I was putting into my body, I had no idea how many calories there actually were in some drinks. From the things like soda and juice that I’d have numerous times a day, to one of my favorite cocktails which has more calories in it than a decent sized lunch or dinner, I was shocked.

Back then, I’d often have days where I’d try to ‘eat well’ and if I felt a little hungry I’d have a juice or something thinking that it would be better for me – but I really didn’t have a clue about what was actually good and what had way too many calories. When I started following The Venus Factor program, to lose weight I was meant to be eating around 1200 calories a day. I had been consuming about 400 calories a day just in drinks prior to that. When I compared the calories I was getting in a drink which would do nothing to satisfy hunger to the calories in food which would actually fill me up, I was really surprised.

Ok, so here’s a run down on the average amount of calories in some popular drinks.


Can of coke 12 fl oz/355 ml 160 calories
Fresh squeezed orange juice 8 fl oz/230 ml 112 calories
Apple juice 8 fl oz/230ml 120 calories
Flavored iced tea 8 fl oz/230ml 90 calories
Full fat milk 8 fl oz/230ml 150 calories
Starbucks mocha frappuccino, whole milk, no whipped cream 12 fl oz/355ml 218 calories


White wine 5 fl oz/150 ml 70-120 calories
Red wine 5 fl oz/150 ml 100-120 calories
Full strength beer 14 fl oz/425 ml 155 calories
Vodka with soda 1 shot vodka with 150ml/5 fl oz soda 64 calories (this is my go to drink these days!)
Rum and cola can 12 fl oz/375 ml 248 calories


Ok, this is where the number of calories can get a little scary. Some of my favorite cocktails have around 300-400 calories in them which means if you go out and have 3 of them, that’s nearly a whole days calorie intake!

Mudslide 5 fl oz / 150 ml 350 calories
Mojito 8 fl oz / 230 ml 122 calories
Pina Colada 4.5 fl oz / 130 ml 245 calories
Long Island Iced Tea 5 fl oz / 150ml 292 calories
Strawberry daiquiri 10 fl oz / 300 ml 230 calories

As you can see, some of these serving sizes for cocktails are really small. I’m pretty sure most of the cocktails you actually get at a bar are 2-3 times these serving sizes. I got these figures for the cocktails from where you can find a huge list of cocktails and their calorie counts.

Calorie counts for the other drinks are sourced from and


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