I lost 16 pounds with The Venus Factor, here’s my review + more details on the diet

Review of The Venus Factor diet program I’ve mentioned The Venus Factor a couple of times on the blog as it’s the program that I followed to lose 16 pounds (7 kilograms) and get to my goal weight. I’ve had a few questions from some of my lovely readers about the program so thought I’d do a full review and include some screen shots of what you receive with the program to answer these questions and get you on your way to  a slimmer body too 🙂

What is The Venus Factor?

I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that The Venus Factor is a diet program. It’s designed just for women to work with our unique metabolism and along with the diet, it also includes a workout program, The Virtual Nutritionist and access to the private Venus Community forum. (more details of what you get along with screenshots are further down the post).

Written by John Barban who is a well-respected fitness and nutrition expert, the simple approach to losing weight tailored for women in the program along with all the other extras has made this one popular program.

screenshot 3

Yep I had doubts before I bought it…

Unless you’ve lived under a rock, you no doubt see at least one ad each day for a diet/weight loss product that claims to be THE solution to FINALLY losing weight, often with little work.

I have bought a few of these in the past, including diet pills and online programs. Some were complete rubbish, others were ok but were pretty much information that I already knew. When things weren’t working as I had hoped, I sometimes had thoughts that maybe it was just me and carrying some extra weight was just a part of getting older.

There’s been a bit of hype about The Venus Factor online and I saw it mentioned on a few different blogs. Initially I just dismissed it as another ‘too good to be true’, but as I saw it a few times I looked into it further. I thought about it on and off, but finally figured that with the money back guarantee, I didn’t really have anything to lose by trying it – I’m a big believer of “you never regret the things you did do, only the ones you don’t”.

So I got the program online here – and please forgive me using another cliché saying – ‘I never looked back’ (sorry, couldn’t help myself :-P)

So what’s the program all about?

Ok, if you’ve watched the presentation on their site, you’ll know they talk a lot about leptin and that the diet is designed to maximise the way your body utilizes leptin (in case you haven’t watched it, leptin is the hormone that controls your appetite, metabolism and ultimately, your body’s ability to lose weight).

The diet is a 12 week program, and the way the program works is very sustainable and is designed to avoid the plateaus that are often experienced on some diets. The Venus Factor program is also not an overly strict approach to dieting that completely controls how many times a day you eat, and exactly how many calories you eat at each meal which I have found in some other programs – for me these were difficult to stick to due to a thing called ‘life’ that gets in the way of being that strict.

The diet is also tailored to you – this is done with the Virtual nutritionist which you put your stats into at the start of the program and then again each week.

More than just a diet…

The program is more than just a diet to lose weight though. It comes with a workout plan which obviously helps with burning calories and losing weight, but mostly it will help you to get toned and feel stronger. Because you’re working your muscles while losing weight with the diet, when the fat comes off, you’ll have toned muscles underneath which I think is really important to having a great looking body.

You will lose weight by just sticking to the diet without doing exercise, but for a healthy, toned body, working out is just as important as eating right. Muscle also burns fat, so as you build some muscle (no you’re not going to look like a body builder, promise!), you’ll burn more calories.

What do you actually get?

12 week fat loss system manual

This explains all of the science behind The Venus Factor program, along with everything you need to know about how the program works, and most importantly, you’ll understand why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Workout plans

I mentioned in this post that having a workout plan was the one thing I needed to finally get into the habit of exercising regularly. The workout plan in the program was relatively easy to stick to, as you only need to workout 3 days a week and can do it from home or at the gym. As you’d expect from a workout program, it progressively gets more intense as the weeks go on.

The Virtual Nutritionist app

You enter your height, weight and a couple of other details into the app, and it calculates the calories that you should be eating. As your body’s needs will change as your weight changes, so to will your dietary needs – by using the app each week, your diet is tailored for you each week.

Access to the Venus Index Community forum

The best thing I found about the private forum is that everyone on there is using the same program to lose fat and tone up. It’s a good mix of seeing other members progress, talking about the specifics of the program and seeking help if you need it. I’ve been to other general weight loss/fitness forums before, and you get so many differing opinions that it’s hard to figure out what to do.

The good and bad of the program

Things I loved

First, I loved being able to get access to the program straight away, and the member’s area that you log into to access everything. When you’re motivated to do something about your body, there’s no time for waiting to get started! As you can see from all the screenshots above, it’s not just an e-book that you download and that’s it.

The video demonstrations of the exercises were really helpful to show you the right way to do each exercise – and the fact that they were linked from the program made it easy to reference them if I needed to while working out.

Onto the diet… I think I’ve mentioned the word sustainable a number of times in this post. That’s because it’s one of the biggest things that I think is necessary to be able to stick with a program and actually see results. You don’t have to cut out whole food groups, or say goodbye to the things you love, it’s also not an extremely low calorie ‘crash diet’. No, you can’t just eat what you want all the time and expect to get skinny, but there is room in the program to still eat things that you like in moderation.

screenshot 7

The manual, while long (see “things I didn’t love” below) really taught me a lot of new things about losing weight for women and working with our metabolism.

The private forum is also really good. Being able to talk to other women who were doing the same program is great, and there’s also some really advanced members (I think they’re coaches?) who seem to be there to answer any questions really quickly. Seeing other members post about their progress and results also really helped my motivation in the start.

Overall, I felt I was delivered what was expected and more.

Things I didn’t love

The manual is quite long so there’s a bit of reading to do – it’s worth the read as it explains the principles behind the diet in a lot of depth so you understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. I guess I’m just lazy with reading!

Is this the right weight loss program for you?

Are you female? Do you want to lose more than 10 pounds and tone your body? Then yes.

I don’t normally like to recommend products, but given that I had success with The Venus Factor and it’s not some crazy crash diet, I can’t see any reason not to – we all want the same thing from a program right – one that achieves a slimmer body? I haven’t come across another weight loss program like this for such a small price that gives you everything you need to see results – you don’t need to buy anything else. It’s made just for females to work with our metabolism, has a diet that is sustainable and avoids plateaus and also gives you a workout program to get toned.

If you’re on the fence and still not sure, there is a 60 money back guarantee offered by the payment processor Clickbank so if you do give it a go and decide that it’s not for you, you haven’t wasted your moneyCheck out the presentation here too which explains more about the program and why a tailored approach to losing weight for women is so important to see results. I hope this will be the first step to a great body for you, as it was for me 🙂

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